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Share accounts

Your Share account is the foundation of your financial relationship with the credit union. We refer to your savings account as a Share account. The reason we consider this account the foundation of your financial relationship with us is because it allows you to access all the benefits of being a member. Opening a Share account is easy.


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Club accounts

Similar to Share accounts, Club accounts are a specific type of savings account to help you save for things like vacations, holidays, special events, school expenses or other personal expenses. Opening a club account is easy. You need a $1 to start. To begin earning dividends all you need is a minimum balance of $100. 

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Special Events

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School Expenses

How to access your account

You can access your Share and Club accounts through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Voice Banking, or at one of our branches or ATMs. Contact us to open a Share or Club account today, and let us help you start saving for the things that matter most in life.